Monday, March 17, 2014

Cornrowed Shamrock Hairstyle Created with Scorpion Hearts #StPatricksDay

Yes. I went a bit overboard with this year's St. Patricks Day hairstyle (especially as compared to last year's style). The only real excuse I have is that my daughter is on Spring Break for the next two weeks *gasp* and, well, we have a ton of time. We also didn't have to worry about the "excessive" nature of the hairstyle as far as her school uniform policy goes, so we both wanted to do something funky and fun. I'm not normally a fan of scorpion hearts, but I think they work perfectly when creating the shamrock.

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Monday, March 3, 2014

Quick and Easy Flat and Box Twists #NaturalHair #Hairstyle

Yet another school-friendly quick and easy hairstyle for this week, which can be done with either twists or braids, whichever work best for your child's hair. In addition, we're hoping to get a super cute twist-out from this style, too, so it's sort of a two-for-one hairstyle.

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