Saturday, May 26, 2012

Man of a Thousand Feces


Tomorrow, David Gregory once again invites America's "Definer of civilization, Teacher of the rules of civilization, Arouser of those who form civilization, Organizer of the pro-civilization activists and Leader (possibly) of the civilizing forces" back onto "Meet the Press" to once again shart all over any notion of responsible, political journalism.

As a public service to all of you shrill, vituperation America-haters out there who may wish to express your dissatisfaction with Mr. Gregory's choice of media snuggle-sack buddies, here is a portion of my stockpile of Gingrich Graphics.

If they can be of use to you, have at 'em: all I ask is attribution if you use them.

The Penguin

America's #1 Amateur Paleontologist

Newt Jong Il

The Grand Nagus of the Ferengrich Alliance

The Ging and I
The Ging and I

The Lie of the Beholder

Not a Witch

The Amnesiac Man

Baron Grifthausen

The Three Stigmata of Newton Gingrich

He will make the space elevators run on time

Help Me Shelly Adelson!

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