Friday, October 25, 2013

7 Tips for Setting Twists for a Well-Defined Twist-Out #NaturalHair #Video

Do twist-outs have to have awesome definition to be "good?" No way! Some twist-outs are done specifically to show off "big hair." However, there are some times when people want that really well-defined look of a crisp twist-out. In fact, we used this method to set my daughter's hair for her Halloween costume this year (you can see the final results here). This post covers the steps we go through to achieve that a more defined-looking twist-out. By no means am I implying that one look is any "better" than another, but this post does highlight the flexibility in styling that comes with kinky-curly hair and one of the ways to style it to achieve a particular effect, when that effect is the one desired.

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