Friday, August 26, 2011

Hair is the crown for all beings. Everyone in this world would want to have beautiful hair and healthy, whether male or female. So the key to having beautiful hair is always to maintain healthy hair naturally. Caring for your hair is not easy if the friend does not understand and recognize the type of hair. Before you pull through the hair care you should get to know your hair type so as to facilitate the friend took good care of and properly.

To make the hair does not look dry and dull you should use a shampoo and hair condisioner in accordance with its mate as well. Condisioner can be made using natural ingredients. So my friend does not need to do in the salon hair care enough to spend. Hm ... savings is not enough? Here is how to treat the hair and natural hair care tips:
1. Oily Hair There are several causes that can be greasy hair that is due to heredity, too seldom wash your hair and hormonal activity is high. Use a mild shampoo and a special shampoo for oily hair as a baby shampoo is also good. Wash your hair every day, you should rinse thoroughly with cold water, avoid rinsing the hair with warm water because it can make the scalp more oily. Oily hair care can use coconut oil or jojoba. Condisioner Use only the tip of the hair only, and avoid using condisioner the hair shaft near the hair roots. The friend can also use traditional materials with the lemon, the lemon juice alurkan on the scalp and hair to reduce the existing oil on the hair and scalp.
2. Broken and Damaged Hair If you have a broken and damaged hair then use a moisturizer that contains a lot condisioner. Avoid doing perms or coloring your hair until the hair is in good condition. When you wash your hair should gently rub the hair on the scalp. Broken and damaged hair to make condisioner with yogurt. The trick is to mix plain yogurt small package, one grain of egg white, and one tablespoon of honey. We recommend that you use on wet hair. Then let stand for about about 5 minutes, then rinse with clean water. Use 1minggu 2 times if menggingginkan stunning results.
3. Dry Hair If you have a kind of dry and dull hair must be very disturbing appearance, in addition to this type of hair often disheveled and unruly, even the hair becomes weak and very easily fall out. Dry hair should be given extra moisture. The friend can make an easy condosioner, by the way make a mixture of two tablespoons of mayonnaise and an avocado fruit. Stir evenly until the texture of avocado was soft. We recommend that you use on the hair is slightly damp sambik give mild massage. Let stand for 20 minutes then rinse with clean water. Use regularly to have the hair shiny and gorgeous.
4.Rambut The Difficult Regulated If memunyai types of hair like this, it is tricky in care. In addition to fast too tangled hair and difficult to set up and laid out the buddy rapi.Sebaiknya make condisioner own which is quite easy for this type of hair. The trick is mixing orange juice of one lemon, one quarter cup of olive fruit and 2 eggs. Then apply the mixture on wet hair and scalp. Allow to dry, then rinse with clean water. Because olive oil will help the hair away from the tangled and easily arranged. Vitamnin and nutrients from the eggs and oranges make hair shiny and healthy, and stimulating hair growth. Use a maximum of 2 times a week to get amazing results.
How his buddy is very easy not to care hair naturally? Just get to know the key point that my friend had hair types, making it easier to make hair care a safe and easy. Good luck and feel the charming and beautiful hair ..

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