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Issue with the hair on the male skin

Basically, the anatomy of the hair and scalp in men and women are not much different, even though physiologically there is little difference in terms of speed pertumubuhan hair. In men's hair will grow faster and stronger, this is due to the influence of male hormones differently in females. But men have masalah2 on the hair and scalp are not much different in wanitaa. Hair lossHair loss is often considered a common, but secretly this problem is actually quite alarming the men, because if left to the hair loss can lead to other, more daunting problem of baldness, where it is quite affecting aesthetics / appearance. Although the actual hair loss that includes one of the normal cycle of hair growth, because its function is to provide opportunities for new hair to be tumbuh.Hal this be a problem if your hair fall out prematurely (premature hair loss) or loss in excess amount.
b. Dandruff (Dandruff)Dandruff is a disorder of the epidermis flaking on the scalp. The term dandruff known by the laity, in fact in the medical world is a group of diseases is a spectrum of the lightest (a condition called Pityriasis sicca), moderate (seborrheic dermatitis / eczema, oily skin) to the harsh conditions (psoriasis). Dandruff is a scalp problem that lasts a long time (chronic), characterized by itching and white flakes that result from the exfoliation of the epidermis in the scalp. Although this condition is not contagious and tend to be harmless, but this is often interfere with the appearance and sometimes difficult to cure.
c. Graying hair (Graying of Hair)Gray hair is a condition in which hair color to be younger / brighter. This is because the pigment-forming cells called melanocytes in the hair no longer produce melanin (the pigment of hair dye) so that the grains of pigment in the hair filled the air. It could also occur due to a slowing metabolism to produce the pigment due to the aging process (aging).
d. Infection of the scalpScalp as well as the skin on other parts of the body, can become infected by various micro-organisms, are like bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites. The form of this infection can vary clinical symptoms, but its manifestations generally cause itching, oily scalp and dandruff, hair loss and even baldness. In general, infection is a fungus that often occurs on the scalp (tinea capitis), head lice / head lice (pediculosis capitis) and inflammation of the gland the hair follicle caused by bacterial (folliculitis). Due to viral infection of the scalp are generally rare.
What causes an issue with these problems?
a. Hair lossHair loss is a multifactorial condition, meaning the causes are many and each other can be interlinked. Ranging from genetic factors, malnutrition (wrong diet / tight), psychological stress, resulting from the use of products / certain drugs, the presence of metabolic imbalances in the body or may be due to certain underlying diseases, such as Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, or diseases that attack immune system. Persistent hair loss can cause baldness called androgenetic alopecia, known as Male Pattern baldness. The pattern baldness as is believed by some dermatologists as 95% of the causes of baldness in men. In these circumstances an advanced hair follicle grower sensitive to a hormone called Dihidrotestosterone (DHT) causes hair follicles to shrink and shorten its life so it stops producing hair cells. This condition is largely due to heredity. Certain drugs can also cause hair loss, namely drugs that contain anticoagulants / blood thinners, medicines for gout, chemotherapy in patients with cancer and antidepressants.
b. Dandruff (Dandruff)Dandruff is a condition in peeling skin on the scalp that cause white flakes. this is due to a condition called eczema / eczema of the scalp, where the condition of the scalp exfoliation occurs more rapidly than in normal conditions. In addition to white flakes of skin, it is also accompanied by conditions that often greasy hair and itching in the scalp. In the circumstances are quite severe, this is a disease called dermatitis Seboroik.Dapat occur in infants aged 3 months to 60 years of age and more often about men than women. The cause is hormonal changes due to psychological factors and the most common is a fungal infection on the scalp. This condition can also occur in patients with disorders such as Parkinson's disease and neuologis eplilepsi, but the cause is not known with certainty.
c. Graying hair (Graying of Hair)Hair becomes gray because of reduced production of pigment in hair called melanocytes This arises because there are two factors, namely internal and external. Internal factors are hereditary / genetic. And the external is a whole lifestyle, diet, infection or disease conditions that accelerate tertantu berkuangnya produkis pigment in the hair. So far the incidence of genetic factors are common causes loss of pigment in the hair. If due to genetic factors then it can not be prevented or cured. Ekstenal factors that occur frequently due to lack of proper nutritional intake, less consumption of vitamin A and less fiber consumption, smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages and also as a result of the use of hair dyes that are too frequent.
d. Infection of the scalpInfection of the scalp is the most common cause of damage and loss of hair through the various manifestations of the disease. But this is a condition that can be cured by treating the infection because then all your hair problems, such as damaged hair, loss, bermnyak will be prevented so as not to continue and become severe.Infections caused by fungi (Tinea capitis) occurs, the same as head lice / head lice because of infections from others or from use of objects such as towels simultaneously. This condition is characterized by redness on the scalp circular and accompanied by intense itching that interferes with and often lead to hair loss. Infections caused by bacteria on the scalp that often occurs is infection of the hair follicle grower (folliculitis), marked by a small white bumps on the hair roots accompanied by pain and hair loss in the affected area. This happens due to lack of hygiene, akbiat inflammation in the scalp due to certain product or allergic immune systems are down.
Does the diet / health foods can affect the hair and scalp?
Intake of proper nutrition can memepengaruhi condition of the hair and scalp. Condition hair and scalp healthy is actually a reflection of one's lifestyle, including nutrition often consumed. Conversely, deficiencies of certain nutrients and minerals that are needed can be easily seen from a case of healthy skin and hair look dull and not berkilai, often fall out and break easily. Even hair due to deficiency of certain nutrients can be overcome with proper diet. Nutrients necessary for healthy hair and scalp are:
a. Vitamin AAdequate intake of vitamin A can help the process of hair growth and health of skin tissue throughout the body including the hair and scalp. Lack of vitamin A in the long term can cause hair loss and flaking of the originator of the hair follicle cells that cause dandruff. Vitamin A can be found in fruits and vegetables red, yellow and orange and green vegetables. Doses of vitamin A needed for the body of adults is 5000 IU (International Units) per day.
b. Vitamin B6, B12 and Folic AcidThese three vitamins are essential for the formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin (a component of blood cells that transports oxygen), condition the hair and scalp healthy depends on an adequate blood supply of oxygen. Deficiencies of these vitamins can reduce blood oxygen supply to the scalp can cause hair damage manifestation and slow hair growth. Vitamin B6, B12 and folic acid can be found in protein rich foods like liver, fish, soybeans, broccoli, wheat, milk and eggs.
c. Vitamin CVitamin C is an essential component for the body to produce collagen, a connective tissue necessary for the skin throughout the body including the scalp and hair. Collagen is quite important to resilience and strength kulit.Orang who smoke need a dose of vitamin C two times greater than nonsmokers. The recommended dose is 60 mg for adults. Vitamin C can be found in most fruits and vegetables that are dark green berawarna.
d. ProteinProtein is needed by every cell of the body, including cells of the hair growth, Without adequate protein intake, the body can not produce new hair cells to replace lost. Protein consumed should include the nine kinds of amino acids that the body needs sesensial optimally. Proper protein can be consumed from fish, eggs, red meat, milk and cheese.
e. IronIron serves as a carrier of oxygen supply in red blood cell hemoglobin, iron deficiency can cause a condition called anemia and one of its manifestations is the hair loss and brittle hair. Iron can be found from the red meat and green vegetables. The recommended dose for adults is 18 mg per day.
f. ZincDandruff and hair loss is a condition that is associated with a deficiency of mineral zinc. Zinc is a component minreal required for replication of body cells and tissue growth and repair of rusak.Zinc also serves to maintain the health of the oil glands in the hair follicles. Zinc is a good source to be consumed one of which is seafood (seafood), can also be found in milk and eggs in small quantities.
g. WaterConsumption of water 8 glasses a day is not only good for the body but also for the hair. Air humidity can simply give the hair so it looks soft and shiny. Every cell and system in our body requires water in order to operate optimally to maintain the health of all body tissues including the hair and scalp.

How do I cope with hair and scalp problems in men?
a. Hair lossFirst we must identify the causes of hair loss to be able to resolve the problem. If the hair care due to incorrect or consumption of certain drugs then the problem of hair loss will stop when the cause of hair dihentikan.Kerontokan caused by bacterial or fungal infections can be cured with the use of antibiotics and antifungals. The use of drugs such as steroids can help in cases of hair loss that causes baldness, but this should be prior consultation with a dermatologist. In certain conditions the action of hair transplantation can be dramatically overcome the problem of baldness hair. In the action a hair transplant, healthy hairs implanted in areas experiencing baldness and hair loss in that area will look natural, but this should be consulted ketrlebih advance with a competent medical specialist.
b. Dandruff (Dandruff)Treatment in dealing with dandruff is basically aimed at reducing inlamasi / inflammation on the scalp, this can be overcome by using medicines that contain anti infamasi and certainly with the recommendations of specialists. Use shampoos that contain Phyrithione Zinc (ZPT) are often helpful, anti-dandruff shampoos have the effect of this type of anti-bacterial and anti fungal so it can reduce the incidence of skin flakes and relieves itching. It also avoid the use of hair oil, gel or hair spray because it can trigger excessive growth of skin fungi and do not forget to consume food that megandung zinc to maintain the activity of oil glands and the immune system (the egg yolks, meat, fish, soy).
c. GrizzleThe cause of the rapid graying of hair in large part due to internal factors (genetic) and it is difficult to overcome, but if disebabkam by external factors then this can be overcome by looking at the condition ektsternal what the cause. Ekstenal factors that occur frequently due to lack of proper nutritional intake, less consumption of vitamin A and less fiber consumption, smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages and also as a result of the use of hair dyes that are too frequent. The hair is graying can also keep it looking healthy by maintaining proper hair care and mengkonsumis foods that are important for graying hair, so although it looks healthy and shiny.
d. Infection of the scalpTreatment for the infection of the scalp can easily be solved by first finding out what the cause of the infection, whether due to fungi, bacteria or certain parasites. Treatment for fungi such as tinea capitis can be overcome by the use of proper anti-fungal, when due to bacteria such as folliculitis can be cured with antibiotics. To use the above drugs should first consult with a physician expert because everyone associated conditions and the problem can vary although it may cause the same disease. Important to note is that infection of the scalp are often due to poor hygiene and the use of cosmetics / treatment of excessive / inappropriate.
Are there any tips to prevent problems on the hair and scalp and keeping it healthy?
a. Maintain good hygieneThis includes washing your hair regularly and keep it clean and maintain the levels of natural oils in the scalp. Excessive levels of oil and oil channels to inhibit the follicle and causes inflammation, while the levels of natural oils that are too small can cause the scalp to become dry and should know what type of shampoo berketombe.Maka appropriate and in accordance with the conditions the hair and scalp.
b. Consumption of proper nutrition for healthy hair and scalpConsumption of nutrients needed for healthy hair foods that contain vitamin A, B6, B12, C, Folic Acid, Protein, Iron and Zinc.
c. Avoid the use of false hair cosmetics products.Care products / cosmetics hair that you are using is not appropriate if you feel the hair become more oily,cause hair loss, itching in scalp and hair look dull / not shiny.
d. Do a healthy lifestyleLiving a healthy lifestyle is very related to the condition of the hair and scalp are healthy too. This is due to a healthy lifestyle, body imunitasi maintained properly so the body resistance against various infections will also increase, the supply of blood flow to all body tissues including the hair and scalp will be optimal.

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