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Problems Of Hair Damage

Dandruff Causes of dandruff
Her presence is not expected to make hair look dirty and can also cause hair loss. Dandruff arise due to the growth of microorganisms on the scalp caused by chemical substances left behind when the use of shampoo or hair oil. Microorganisms more fertile due to the scalp is too oily. Dandruff can also be caused by a fungus.
Another cause is that a person with psoriasis is an inflammatory disease of skin so the skin change more quickly than usual, including the scalp. This results in dandruff on the head. Another disease is seborrheic dermatitis is skin inflammation that causes the appearance of scales on the scalp. How to overcome dandruff
Keep the scalp does not become too oily, for instance by shampooing regularly and use a hair oil to taste. After shampooing, get used to rinse the shampoo thoroughly. Do not forget to keep cleaning the comb, because the dirty comb a gathering place for the fungus.
Consuming enough water is added each day by consuming more fruits and vegetables in sufficient quantities to help maintain healthy skin, including your scalp.
To get rid of dandruff, you can also use a shampoo containing selenium sulfide or salicylic acid.

Baldness Causes of hair loss
Hair loss is a normal thing actually happened, with a record amount of hair loss does not exceed 100 strands each day. This loss is a normal cycle. When you exceed that number, then this cycle is abnormal. Your hair may look thinner and can cause baldness. Did you know about your hair? How many hairs on our heads? Then how many are falling every day? And how long the growth of each strand of our hair?
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Hair loss can be caused by dandruff. Also, it can also be caused due to hormonal factors. In men, androgens may rupture and form dehidrotestoteron (DHT). This DHT hormone can get into the hair follicles and lead to shrink. Hair follicle is a tube that wraps the hair where there are cells that function for hair growth. As a result, the hair becomes thin and easily fall out. This is one reason why baldness is more common in men.
Other causes of fever is high, causing many strands of hair loss and can lead to baldness. Malnutrition is also a factor of baldness.
In some cases, hair loss caused by alopecia, an immune system disorder. Patients with alopecia experience hair loss at some of the scalp. How to cope with hair loss
Shortages of certain substances can also cause hair fall out easily. To that end, eating salmon, liver, cereals, soybeans, bananas, carrots, cauliflower, or liver can be done because it contains biotin which can stimulate hair growth.
Another solution is to take a drug that can prevent the formation of DHT and can trigger the growth of the hair. Or you can undergo laser hair that works to increase blood circulation and oxygen to the hair root and strengthens the hair shaft.

Hoar The cause of gray hair
White or gray hair in the elderly is not inevitable. Gray hair is often regarded as a characteristic of people who are elderly. However, if it appears at a young age, you need to check further that white hair does not meet your head.
White hair does not mean dead. All the hair on the head is actually already dead. Hair that live under the skin surface and are called tubers. Hump ​​serves as a hair factory. As hair is formed by rapid separation of cells inside the hump, hair absorb melanin, which is produced by pigment cells. If the pigment cells stop producing melanin, the hair will be white.
By the time you are stressed, your body will release hormones that take vitamin B12 that exist in the body so that disrupt pigment production and cause hair graying hair.
Another factor is due to genetic factors or due to hereditary factors, immune disorders, metabolic disorders, or due to the use of chemical substances contained in hair dye or shampoo bersulfur. These chemicals seep into the pores of the hair and disrupt the formation of black color on the hair. How to cope with gray hair
Consuming foods that contain lots of vitamin B12 because of this vitamin can prevent the onset of gray hair. You can find these vitamins in milk, eggs, or flesh-colored in red.
Smoking is also thought to be cause of white hair. So stop smoking can be a solution.
Some people inject melanin to make the hair does not become white. Another way that is practical is the shining hair, a method that has been practiced since ancient Roman times. But be careful because polish the hair can cause allergies and skin problems for some people.

Hair Easily Broken The cause hair breakage
The hair is brittle and break easily due to lack of protein consumption. Other causes are common because of an error during the hair combing or styling hair. How to cope with broken hair
Increase consumption of peanuts, almonds, legumes, wheat, eggs, milk, cheese, or red meat. Try using a comb or a soft wood and avoid combing your hair are too hard. If you often use a hair dryer, pay attention to their use techniques that do not damage the hair.

Hair Tree Causes of hair branching
Branched hair due to dry hair. Hair can dry out if you frequently use a device that causes heat to the hair such as hair dryers and curling iron. How to cope with hair branching
That hair is not dry and fork, use a moisturizer after shampooing or before using a blow dryer and curling iron. Do not let the hair in the sun too much. Cut out the bottom of the branched hairs or triming regularly.

Limp hair The cause of limp hair
Limp hair caused by excess oil production on the thin hair. This excess oil causes the hair look does not expand or saucer. How to cope with limp hair
Use shampoos that are intended for normal or oily hair oil to the head can be reduced. When shampooing, do not rub the scalp too hard because it can cause increased oil production. Then adjust the model's hair, for example, by curling the hair to look more volume. But do not forget to do the treatment after a perm.

Stiff and hard hair Regulated
For the problem of stiff and unruly hair, use kondisiner after shampooing. Another way is to choose a model that uses techniques thinning hair or hair tekturisasi so do not look too stiff.

Curly and Unruly Hair
Tangled hair was not a pretty sight. To be easily managed and does not wrinkle, you can use a wide-toothed comb when combing and go slow. Give a moisturizer on your hair to the hair feel smooth and not wrinkled.

Hair Clean and Tidy
Any person may feel worried when found gray hair on the head, hair loss, dandruff, and a variety of hair problems. Many options to address them. From the hair shining like an easy way to use a particular treatment and care. Providing good nutrition to your body and your hair and improve blood circulation to the scalp is very important. But most important is keeping the hair clean and tidy.

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