Monday, February 13, 2012

Real Life Testimonials!

My husband gifted me the ovation cell therapy last Christmas and what a miracle it has worked on my hair and is still working! I love the system how “light” it is on my hair, how awesome it smells, and how it has thickened and repaired my hair along with helping it growing a little more, where it was way too thin! Love it! Thank you again for this awesome and unbelievable product! So glad my husband listened to the ads, and went for it! Keep on doing what you're doing, I feel like I have hair again! and it looks good!
Becky: Vista, Ca.

“I have been using the Ovation hair products for about two weeks now and I am amazed! With longer hair it’s easy to tell how much hair you’re using (and clogging the drains with!), and I can tell I am losing less than I did two weeks ago. As I styled my hair this morning it felt thicker and silkier—after only two weeks!
One benefit that I got, but didn’t expect, was that my hair styles much easier now. I had the type of hair I could curl with a curling iron, but it would be limp and flat by the time I left the house. This morning I could tell the curls “took” better. It’s now 10:30 a.m. and my hair is still curly and bouncy! I’ve even had a couple of comments from my co-workers about my “glamorous ‘do.” :)
Thank you, Ovation! I look forward to longer, stronger, and even more fabulous hair. I’m hooked”

Stacey: Salt Lake City, Ut.

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