Friday, February 17, 2012

Real Life Testimonials!

 “I had significant hair loss due to recent major surgery, the hair loss, according to the doctor that I consulted with, was at the rate of 1000/day whereas the normal is only approx 100/day. I heard about Ovation Therapy through radio station program Alice and decided to try it. In 4 weeks, I saw a significant improvement; and now after almost three months my hair is fuller, healthier looking and most important of all I have not lost any more beyond normal. In fact, I only see hair coming off when I wash my hair - and even then the loss is very minimal. I am truly satisfied with this product and will be making another purchase very soon.
Fe: Hayward, Ca.

Cell therapy Works! I have a thyroid condition that accelerated hair loss. In conjunction with thyroid therapy, the Ovation line rapidly brought my hair back to a condition I had not seen for years. I am extremely happy and very grateful for your wonderful product. Thank you!
Nancy: Los Angeles, Ca.    

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