Thursday, February 13, 2014

Third Annual Valentine's Day Natural Hairstyle Parade: Part 1

Looks like this year was just as big a success as last year! Once again, we've received so many photos that I'm going to be dividing them up into two days, otherwise they would take forever to load!  This has been so much fun for us, and my daughter's "crown of hearts" hairstyle that we did last week is getting so many compliments she wants to leave it in for the whole month! No doubt the cuties submitted for our hair parade will be getting just as much (if not more) attention with their adorableness.

I would like to thank everyone who submitted photos and for making this year's parade yet another success. The first half of the photos are posted below, and the remaining photos in Part 2 are posted here.

Featured above is:

Child's first initial: M.

Age:4 years old, almost 5

Mama: Angela H.

About the hairstyle: Simple style that took less than an hour. Love making her friends smile when they see the heart in her hair!

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