Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Real Life Testimonials!

This product has helped me out so much! My hair was thinning so much for what reason I’m not sure, but i looked into finding anything that could help me out FAST! I heard about Ovation Hair though 971 ZHT and did some research on it. Everything sounded perfect for my situation. Once I received it I started using ASAP. I noticed results within the next weeks or two. It now has been over three months and my hair lady was so impressed with how fast it worked and out great my hair felt after using this product! Ovation is now the ONLY product that I will ever put in my hair :)
Thelissa: Layton, Ut.

I used my old product one time, just to see if there was a difference - I couldn’t wait to return to Ovation. It really makes a difference! I received the full product line for Christmas from my husband. I am in my mid 50’s and with a failing thyroid gland, my hair was getting brittle and dry. I wear my hair very long and thought I might have to cut it; but thanks to Ovation i am finding that it may be my saving grace. Thank you so much!
Jane: Concord, Ca.

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