Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I have waist-length hair that is fine and can get frizzy, especially if I don’t blow it dry. Since using Ovation, if I let my hair dry naturally, it curls rather than frizzes. On the days when I do use my hairdryer, I’ve had compliments from people that I see every day and who have never commented on my hair before. My hair feels so soft now, and I like looking at it in the mirror!
Mary: Vallejo, CA.

I bought this product for my little sister who has damaged her hair so bad by coloring it, straightening it, and always cutting it so short. I was desperate for her hair to be healthy again. Since buying her the product as a Christmas present, she has used it and we have noticed such a dramatic difference. Keep up the awesome work, and we will continue to purchase it from you….
P.S I love that you don’t force us to do automatic payments from our accounts every month Thanks again! I am a very happy customer!

Candyce: Murray, UT.

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