Thursday, April 12, 2012

Real Life Testimonials!

People who did not know I was using the product have commented on my hair and asked if I was doing something different. They ordered your product after I told them about it! My hairdresser also has remarked on the improvement. My hair takes my color differently and looks a lot more natural - I love it! Thank you, Ovation!
Judy: South Gate, Ca.

I have significant hair loss on the front of my scalp. What I didn’t realize until I saw this - and so did my husband and hairdresser. On both sides of my forehead hairline, I’ve grown hair I didn’t know was missing. I was very focused on the front top of my head and have considered surgery. That did not feel like the choice I wanted to make. I’ve invested in a laser comb and while some results were coming, it is hard to get into the habit of using it. With this, I wash my hair daily and use the complete package every other day. I have told others at my hairdressers about this product. Don’t change a thing! Thank you so much for this product. I took a risk and so far so good! It is paying off. PS: I told my husband I wanted it for my Christmas present this year! It’s a good gift!
Rose: Glendale, Ca.

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