Friday, April 27, 2012

Audrey Sivasothy puts Ovation to the Test!

Recently, Audrey Sivasothy put Ovation to the test!

As she has used Ovation, she described it simply as:

Stronger hair? Yes. If stronger hair is your goal, then you’ll definitely find it with Ovation Cell Therapy. Used together, the shampoo, conditioner, and creme rinse will infuse your hair with strength you never imagined.

Thicker Hair
Ovation Cell Therapy thickened my strands on the first use. I could feel the texture of my hair improving with the product as I used it over the weeks. It is very similar to most protein rich conditioning systems that deposit large proteins on the cuticle and give the feeling of thicker shafts.”

Check out the rest of her journey as she describes Ovation from her first use to what she has concluded about it here, on her blog:

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