Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The banisters go black...

Hello and Happy Tuesday, Everyone! I've got to say, I'm pretty excited to be turning 29 for the first time today. ;)

So today I'm sharing with you guys the finishing touch (for now) to our foyer.  I know, I know... this thing is turning into a saga.
Last we left it, this is how it looked...

Totally not bad. But after painting the French doors black, the stair banisters and railings up top looked a bit too tan-brown. You can see it a little more in this photo...

Totally wanting to change the stair carpeting eventually and have a prettier runner (maybe a printed neutral?) put in.  Definitely need carpeting of some sort on the stairs for Waylon (our 80-lb Golden Retriever) and I like a runner as well. I think it makes them look more finished and far less noisy.
Anyway, that will come later on. The carpeting on them now matches what is upstairs and is totally brand new, so we're not in a hurry.
K, back to the topic at hand...

Here's one more before shot.

Again, totally not bad, but notice the black frame, black chair (in first two photos), and black accessories. Also the big chandelier in there has an oil-rubbed bronze finish which almost looks black (as well as the little pendant lighting in the hallway you can see above). So the stair railing going black just made sense.

While I knew the railing was going a glossy black, the dark brown flooring and side planks of the stairs match, and I LOVE the look of those. So stair planks stay the color of the floor because that just makes sense... because they technically ARE the floor. At least that's what makes sense to me, and it turned out beautifully!

I used Onyx Black by Glidden in a high gloss. It's the perfect deep, glossy black. I did two coats with a small velvety pad paint applicator. You know, those that usually are used for deck stain? Well they sell tiny ones. It worked perfectly. No brush marks! On the underside of the railings around the spindles, I used a small brush to paint around each one. That was a pain. But the end result was worth it.

**edit: I forgot to mention that I DID lightly sand them before painting. They weren't too heavily lacquered before, but did have a bit of a sheen. 

I also painted the railing on the little "lookout" area above the family room.

Loving that as well.  Not loving how yellow the paint up there is pulling on camera...haha. If I could reach that myself, let's be honest, I would have already changed that. It's really a a more warm tan in person, but I'd love something a little more gray. I'd love to have it re-painted in the pretty Castle Path shade by Behr that we had all throughout our first house.  We've got plenty of time... ;)

I love how the wood grain is still really noticeable. Seeing the natural texture of the wood makes it look like they've always been black!

After living with the white in the foyer for weeks now, I'm absolutely LOVING it. Nothing like a crisp white foyer.  It really makes the house look open and inviting when you enter. With the black railings, it's such a classic combo, but looks a little modern too.

Much better from where we started!

Solid gold, baby.

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